Fellowship We at RNH provide long term clinical fellowship in the field of Joint Replacement, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine under the able guidance of Dr.Mukesh Laddha. The fellow will get exposure in all types of Shoulder & Knee Surgeries....which includes Primary & Revision joint replacement surgeries and all arthroscopy procedures related to shoulder and knee. This is the only hospital in central who does Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement. It’s a paid ..

FAQ's on Robotic Joint Replacement

FAQ's on Robotic Joint Replacement What are the benefits of robotic joint replacement surgery?  Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery technology is an innovative solution to conventional surgical methods for patients suffering from hip or knee joint pain.The accurate alignment and positioning of joint implants is challenging in conventional hip and knee replacements. With Robotic technology, our surgeons can now achieve greater precision.Using a 3D image of each patient’s unique anatomy, ..

What can you do to prevent Evaporative Dry Eyes?

What can you do to prevent Evaporative Dry Eyes?  Here are something you can do to help prevent Evaporative Dry Eyes : Keep up a daily routine of warm eye compresses and lid scrubs even after your symptoms have resolved.Blink regularly to keep your eyes lubricated.Humidify the air at work and at home.Avoid smoking and being around people who smoke.Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.Wear sunglasses when you’re outside to protect your eyes from sun and wind. The wraparound kind ..

Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome  Screen Distance: Keep the screen at a distance of at least 25 inches Monitor Tilt: Tilt the monitor in such a way that the top of the monitors is slightly farther away from the eyes than the bottom of the monitor.Screen Display:  Always try and have dark letters on a light backgroundVertical Location: Keep the viewing area of the monitor 15 - 50 degrees below horizontal eye levelLighting: Ceiling suspended indirect lighting is preferable. ..