Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

  1. Screen Distance: Keep the screen at a distance of at least 25 inches 
  2. Monitor Tilt: Tilt the monitor in such a way that the top of the monitors is slightly farther away from the eyes than the bottom of the monitor.
  3. Screen Display:  Always try and have dark letters on a light background
  4. Vertical Location: Keep the viewing area of the monitor 15 - 50 degrees below horizontal eye level
  5. Lighting: Ceiling suspended indirect lighting is preferable. Use blinds, shades, and curtains to avoid outside light.
  6. Neck Posture: Use chairs with arms. Flexion (Head Tilt Position) causes less fatigue.
  7. AC Airflow: Avoid direct flow/draft of air on your eyes.
  8. Break: Take a short visual break every 20 minutes.
  9. Exercise: Blink eyes a few times. Close the eyelids, roll the eyes behind closed eyelids – clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Take a deep breath and open the eyes while releasing the breath.
  10. Lubrication Eye Drops: Use lubricating eye drops as advised by your doctor.