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Patient Speak

Dr Mahendra Dhawade

राठी नर्सिंग होम धंतोली यह चम्बल की घाटी का इंसानियत का मंदिर है , यहाँ का मैनेजमेंट , स्टाफ और सेवा हर कदम पर नया एहसास मरीज को एव रिश्तेदारों को देता है। यहाँ मानव धर्म के सब पुजारी है। डॉ शहनवाज सिद्दीकी हॉस्पिटल की नहीं बल्की संत्रा नगरी की शान है। ह..

Vaibhav Pande

Hospital ki Sabhi sewaye bahot hi achi hair Dr rathi Sir ka treatment bahot HI acha hai saf safai bahot achi hai staff ka rawaya patient ke sath bahot HI acha hai sath HI yaha ka management RNH thanks all rnh hospital staff..

Sohel Khan

Good doctors and excellent service, Dr. Shahnawaz and Dr. Nita Rathi are excellent doctors that I have dealt with this year…

Salman Pathan

We have done the cataract operation of my dad here. Nicely executed by Dr. Neeta Rathi. Recommend by my experience..

Gyanesh Patil

RNH is a good hospital, all facilities are provided that hospital……… Doctors are very lovingly & carefully care to all patients…The excellent treatment I have my surgery here the full staff is very caring and supportive even Dr.’s are also sup..

Waheeda Baig

Had my brother’s (Sameer Sheikh) spine surgery here Excellent treatment & comfortable stay. The Doctor & staff were very good & helpful & it was in my budget !!!..

Kiran Patle

My father was hospitalized for leg and face fracture in this hospital and reached here from Balaghat. The doctor and staff were really helpful and easily approachable. Dr. Rathi and Dr. Siddiqui are really awesome people. We hope post-operation services w..

Milind Somani

My Dad had both knee transplant surgery here, and the results are excellent, we felt like home, this hospital has super nursing care and very cooperative staff. Thank you RNH for such care and love.!!..

Surendra Srihan

Doctors, admin staff & others very positive Attitude, cooperative. Cleanliness is appreciable. They served me for Knee Replacement, I m very happy by heart & blessings for their more success I future. I heartily recommend this Hospital, & u wi..

Madan Sachdeva

One of the best hospital in Nagpur and the best medical professionals in town. My wife has got both knee replacement surgery within two days and got discharged in four days, that’s how technology is doing magic in the field of medical and a HealthCare sec..

Raunak agrawal

This Hospital is superb for the treatment of ligaments. The staff and doctors are really very co-operative. The food is also provided according to the diet of patients. Especially the staff, the caretakers of this hospital are superb…

Kapil Pachghare

Really great helpful staff and personal attention–cleanness is excellent-Thankful to Dr. Rathi sir and supportive doctors- especially thanks for sisters and ward boys..

Akash Atkar

I wish to thank the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, insurance staff who each and collectively made my experience and took care of my father. At your facility as easy and successful as it could be.THANK YOU – more than we can say. Y..

Umar Khan

I have been suffering from Bilateral recurrent shoulder dislocation with Bankart lesion.) was searching lots of hospitals, but finally met Dr. Mukesh Laddha to have a sigh of relief.) was completely sure of my speedy recovery under expert hands of Dr. Mukesh Laddha. I was initially operated for left shoulder (Arthroscopic repair of Bankarts lesion ) and had a great satisfactory experience post-operation. I am truly blessed to have met Dr. Mukesh Laddha, also RNH HOSPITAL and staff took ..

Mr Suryanath Singh

Dr. Mukesh Laddha was upfront and honest with my father from the beginning. He did an excellent job on my father’s Right knee Robotic NAVIO assisted replacement. In one week, it will be 3months since surgery and my father is up and around and back at work. The operation went very well and I was very impressed with how insignificant the scarring turned out. Now, already waiting to get Left knee operated. I would highly recommend Dr. Mukesh Laddha to anyone.-. – Sudha Singh ( Daughter of Mr.Suryan..

Asha Nikhade

RNH Hospital is a boon for me, I have been reborn after the heavy mishap occurred to me. DR DILIP RATHI took great care of every minute procedures to have me receive complete treatment. I have received multiple fractures, life-threatening spine injury and fatal risk to the upper limb. RNH Hospital and staff took great familiar care and I felt like being at home on every moment physiotherapy rehabilitation was properly explained and executed to obtain a rapid functional recovery. All the ..
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