RNH Hospital – The Best Orthopaedic Hospital in Nagpur

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Asha Nikhade

RNH Hospital is a boon for me, I have been reborn after the heavy mishap occurred to me. DR DILIP RATHI took great care of every minute procedures to have me receive complete treatment. I have received multiple fractures, life-threatening spine injury and fatal risk to the upper limb. RNH Hospital and staff took great familiar care and I felt like being at home on every moment physiotherapy rehabilitation was properly explained and executed to obtain a rapid functional recovery. All the surgical procedures were properly explained and elaborated with the inclusion of all the specialist doctors prior to each and every surgical procedure ICU stay was feeling at home that I was handled with utmost precaution and nursing care. I have been overwhelmed by the behavior, care received from DR. DILIP RATHI and Staff
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