On the occasion of World Glaucoma week, RNH Hospital Pvt. Ltd takes an opportunity to enlighten you on various aspects of Glaucoma The silent Thief of your Eyesight”.

1. What is Glaucoma?
In glaucoma the nerve of the eye that carry signals to brain and help us see is damaged thus resulting in vision loss or blindness.
Glaucoma can be of various types, but two major types are:
  1. Open angle glaucoma: occurs as a result of ageing, Painless, No Warming symptoms and progresses very slowly.
  2. Closed angle glaucoma : occurs suddenly, Progresses rapidly
2.How does glaucoma Develop?
  • Under normal circumstances a balance is maintained between secretion and drainage fluid in the eye.Whereas in glaucoma the balanced is disturbed as the drainage Canals that drain the fluid are clogged increasing the pressure of fluid inside the eye.
  • The increased pressure inside the eye strains the nerves of the eye ultimately damaging them and resulting in vision Problem.
3. What are the causes of glaucoma?
  1. Hereditary disease passed on from one generation to another.
  2. May be due another disease
  3. By birth
  4. Increased eye pressure or eye injury
  5. Due to certain medicines
4. Who is at greater risk for glaucoma?
  1. Anyone with a family history of glaucoma.
  2. Has Pre-Existing eye conditions.
  3. Treated long- term with corticosteroid medications.
  4. Age above 40 years
  5. Had eye surgeries
  6. Conditions like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and hyperthyroidism
5. What are the symptoms of glaucoma?
There are no symptoms in glaucoma in the early-stages. Noticeable vision problems occur only in the advanced stages of the disease as the nerve is damaged causing substantial vision loss.
6. How is glaucoma detected?
Your eye specialists can detect the glaucoma by conducting few clinic tests like Tonometry and Gonioscopy.
Glaucoma can also be detected by taking image of the structures inside of your eye through various diagnostic apparatus by your doctor.
7. How is glaucoma treated?
The main goal of the glaucoma treatment is to prevent the progression of the disease and to prevent further damage to the nerved of the eye, thus saving vision.
And the goal is achieved by lowering the pressure inside the eye that is damaging the nerves of the eye. The pressure can be lowered by eye drop medications or laser surgery.
The eye pressure lowering eye drops works by improving the drainage of the fluid inside the eye and thus resulting in lower pressure inside the eye.

Early diagnosis and treatment can save your vision. Get glaucoma checked at regular checkups.