Physiotherapy Hospitals In Nagpur


Nagpur, the ‘zero miles’ city of India has come a long way in terms of medical rehabilitation.
With the first physiotherapy setup at GMC around the year 1965, many private hospitals have included physiotherapy as part of their treatment protocol. As the years passed, physiotherapy in itself has evolved and has come a long way. With a couple of physiotherapy colleges in the city itself, Nagpur has a good bunch of physiotherapists ready to serve the citizens.
Today we find physiotherapists directly attached to hospitals and available at different times. RNH with a legacy of 15 years in orthopaedic setup with central India’s first robotic replacement surgery technology included physiotherapists in their team much ahead of time as compared to another private orthopedic setup.
RNH has dedicated physiotherapists at different times ready to work for the benefit of the patients and ease their difficulties. The hospital has a decent physiotherapy setup with different machines like TENS, IFT, Ultrasound, Traction, Muscle stimulator, etc required for early rehabilitation and pain relief. The physiotherapists are experienced in their specialized domains which provide correct diagnosis and treatment of the ailment.